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And that’s a wrap #6

And that’s a wrap #6

A wrap up of today’s SFF news…

Rosen outlines Georgeville plans

Rosen doesn’t have good screen presence, but watch the interview (linked to the headline) anyway – he shares the latest SFF news for his company, including working with the Wachowskis, Straczynski, Chris Carter, REMAKING BLAKE’S 7, all sorts of plans for the future.

The company blurb for the interview says:

THE C21 INTERVIEW: Marc Rosen, CEO of LA-based Georgeville Television, tells C21 about his slate of new drama coproductions and his plans for the nine-month-old, Reliance Entertainment-backed company.

Thanks to Daniel Haynes for this link.

Locus Roundtable ‘best of’ lists

Locus magazine has posted a number of ‘best of’ lists, including this set for best 20th and 21st century short stories, novellas and novelettes.  You may note that Australia’s own Margo Lanagan is listed as number 2 for 21st century short story, even before Neil Gaiman.

Locus’ all time lists for novels are here.

(NOTE: Do NOT ask me what the difference is between a novella and a novelette – I haven’t looked it up and personally I suspect distinguishing between the two is more a case of dotting I’s and crossing T’s to a boring extent.)

An Interview with Brandon Sanderson

This interview of Brandon is on video.

(Sad now.)

Mine wasn’t on video.  I didn’t have a camcorder back in April when I interviewed Brandon.  My interview includes a lot about Brandon’s writing career and a bit about Wheel of Time too.  My interview is in text or MP3 format.

MY INTERVIEW IS LONGER, at over 44 minutes.  HAH!

In the lead up to this memorable and important launch, Tor released a series of videos about Robert Jordan’s life.  The first in this series is here.

A Memory of Light release

If you’re into fantasy, even if you haven’t read Wheel of Time, you’re probably aware that the final and fourteenth book in the series is due to be released in exactly ONE WEEK.

Brandon Sanderson said:

Planning to attend the midnight release of A MEMORY OF LIGHT at the BYU Bookstore? Want to see Robert Jordan’s wife Harriet McDougal at the event? Then be sure to check out the newest details. Harriet can’t stay up for the midnight release itself, but she will be pre-signing the books with me, and we will both appear at a reading/Q&A earlier in the evening of January 7th. This will NOT be at the bookstore itself due to space issues, but will take place at the nearby Provo High School auditorium at 8:00 p.m. So if you’re driving or flying in from out of town for this event, make sure you go to the right place at 8:00 Monday evening! That’s one week from today, folks. It’s coming!

The launch is listed as an event on Facebook.

Pat Rothfuss plans to answer questions tomorrow

On his blog, Pat talks about Storyboard and plans for tomorrow’s panel.  Down two people, he’s planning to answer questions with Mary Robinette Kowal.  Pat said:

So if you happen to have any questions about the craft of writing, or the business of writing, or pretty much anything, post them in the comments below [on HIS blog not mine], and I’ll use them for Tuesday’s show.

For New Years, the Bloggess messed with pinterest

Her new captions are good for a smile.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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