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And that’s a wrap #3

And that’s a wrap #3

I wrote this on Facebook and Google Plus:

I’ve started a new section in Dark Matter called ‘And that’s a wrap’. It will include SF, fantasy, art and comic book news in snippet and link form. In the coming year, please feel free to message me snippets – I will give credit if you message me! This is an example of the segmenthttps://www.darkmatterzine.com/and-thats-a-wrap-2/

I received this from Nathaniel Robinson:

I submit to you “It’s a Rap.”

“yo yo yo 
dark matter fanzine is in the scene
yo’ favourite paperless magazine
scifi, horror and fantasy ain’t never had the same clean, mean, fighting sheen

Right up we got old George to the double R
sharing his writing methods with io9, one strange bazaar

On a different level, gangsta, them boyz at Forbes make predictions
about future publishing restrictions, constrictions, showing no predelictions

Right here my brotha Sanderson lends a hand-erson and brings his good looks
to a bookshop across the sea and a mountain of sexy-lookin’ books

while that said somewhere in sweet-town mega-Pope Walker has one hell of a gawker cause her art is DAMN FINE YEAH

(random rap and hip hop beats)

Yo yo yo make sure yo’ don’t make no fuss cause we got the King, yeah, we got the Rothfuss with the currency but no leniancy ’cause he’s got a kingkiller third book to write and one crazy beard with which to fight

Man pleads guilty to dinosaur smuggling but no no no man all that gangsta is guilty of smuggling is fossils, ain’t no rhyme for that but at least he ain’t tryin’ to bring in live crocodiles

Finally I leave m’ mothers and brothers and sisters and lovers an image by the gay who shows no signs of decay the amazing George Takai yo yo yo MC DARK FANZINE OUT

I’d like to point out that this is the SAME guy whose ‘fan question’ cracked Jay Kristoff up in his interview and lead to threats of violence.  Between chuckles.  I thought this was SO AWESOME it deserved it’s OWN post.

Nate then said (on Facebook):

I apologise. I’m really bad at this but got excited at the thought of scifi review rap.

I think it’s AWESOME.  What do you think?

I borrowed this from Doug's Art Gallery to show how much I <3 Nate's rap
I borrowed this from Doug’s Art Gallery to show how much I <3 Nate’s rap
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Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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