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And That’s a Wrap #2

And That’s a Wrap #2

Below are some of the science fiction and fantasy items popping up in my newsfeed day. Enjoy.

George R.R. Martin has been around a while and been interviewed lots.  i09 examined the records and produced a list of quotes from George about writing.

Jeremy Greenfield of Forbes makes publishing predictions.

Brandon Sanderson signs preordered autographed copies from Weller Books.  This photo shows about half of what he’ll be signing today.  Can anyone say ‘RSI’?  Niiice hardcovers though.  I was going to order one of these but the postage was a killer (about $50, ridiculous).

Lindsay Walker is listed as trans-gender story number 6 in this list of trans-stories for 2012.  Lindsay made the Hogswatch decorations in this article.  You may know Lindsay’s art under the name of Mick Collins, who worked on Moonstone’s The Phantom: Ghost Who Walks and Phantom: Generations series, among other Moonstone projects.  Lindsay’s website is here.

Patrick Rothfuss has explained currency systems for his Four Corners world, and has even provided a clickable widget for currency exchange.

This article was a little disappointing.  The headline: ‘Man pleads guilty to dinosaur smuggling.’  The reality?  Smuggling fossils.  Here was me thinking it was an entertaining story.

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