Amphibious Creature of the Deep (2010)

Amphibious Creature of the DeepA review by C J Dee
  • Director: Brian Yuzna
  • Starring: Janna Fassaert, Michael Paré, Monica Sayangbati
  • Other notable appearances: Giant aquatic scorpion
  • Running time: 83 minutes
  • Watch this if you liked: Anaconda, Jaws, Piranha
  • Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Two young brothers are sold into slavery aboard a fishing platform off the coast of Indonesia. When the oldest boy is killed by one of the slavers, the youngest child invokes Dukun (Indonesian shaman) magic to seek revenge in the form of a giant, man-eating scorpion. It’s up to a marine biologist and the crew she chartered to save the children on the fishing platform before they all become scorpion food.

For a monster movie featuring a gigantic bug, Amphibious Creature of the Deep takes itself pretty seriously. I must admit, I was disappointed with the lack of cheese in a movie that has a monstrous scorpion impaling a man from below while he is minding (or doing) his own business on the toilet.

However, what Amphibious Creature of the Deep lacks in typical b-grade monster horror appeal, it makes up for in an interesting story with some good plot twists. The acting isn’t remarkable but as far as percentages go, that’s pretty average for most horror flicks.

Amphibious was entertaining and kept my attention for the entirety of the film. I would recommend it for fans of the monster horror genre but don’t expect the fun and cheesy one-liners associated with the b-grade branch.