Amazon makes disability access more expensive in Australia

We’re living in a global community but money-hungry international companies have imposed artificial barriers to inflate their profits.

I have N K Jemisin’s Inheritance Trilogy in paperback format for review; I’ve had it for a while but I’m juggling too many books so I haven’t read it yet. This weekend I’m going to Canberra by car; with a 6-hour drive ahead of me, I thought I’d buy the ebook version so I can read the Inheritance Trilogy on my kindle. (I can’t read my paper copies without magnification. Here’s a photo of my magnifier — too big for the car.)

So off I went to Amazon as you do.

In the US, Amazon charges $9.99 for the Inheritance Trilogy.

Amazon in the US

But Amazon won’t let me buy it for $9.99 because I live in Australia.Amazon in the US won't sell me the ebook

Instead, Amazon wants to charge me $16.99. Because I live in Melbourne, Australia, one of the most expensive cities in the world, to get disability access to books I already own, I have to pay $7 more than an American. Thus Amazon helps make Melbourne one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Amazon in Australia

So. The question is: do I buy the ebook and read the Inheritance trilogy this weekend on my kindle? Do I find an alternate ebook version? Are there other formats for sale cheaper?

Or do I read a different book and plan to read my [cough] AUTOGRAPHED [cough] paper copies some time in the future?