The Almighty Johnsons to premiere in USA

The Almighty JohnsonsThe Almighty Johnsons on facebook said:

Season 1 will premiere July 11th Syfy USA! This calls for a celebration!

For those not in the know, the Almighty Johnsons is an award-winning TV series that ran for 3 seasons in New Zealand. It’s the story of a family of Norse gods who, as they have been reincarnated and people have lost their faith, the gods’ powers have diminished.

Writers were challenged to develop a drama for men so they came up with a comedy/drama/fantasy series. Television does not get much better than this series. Although the series is a little up (seasons 1 and 3) and down (a little in season 2), overall I loved this series.

It opens with the mens. They’re a manly men family: builders, drinkers, one brother (Bragi/Anders) who uses his gift of the gab to, effectively, date rape women.

On Axl’s 21st birthday, a coming-of-age celebration reveals he has the potential to become Odin. There’s a prophecy – sounds familiar, you think?.

Some goddesses try to prevent the prophecy coming true because they do not want Odin around.

Hilarity, drama, social issues – domestic violence, gender wars, relationships – this series has it all.

I interviewed Tim Balme (Ulr/Mike, writer and director) and Emmett Skilton (Odin/Axl) after they completed season 1 and were working on season 2.

So. To my American friends: WATCH THIS SHOW. ENJOY