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Adventure Time season 1

Review by Daniel Haynes

Adventure Time is a cartoon series which airs on Cartoon Network. The episodes are roughly 10 minutes long, and each episode feels like a rollercoaster ride, as the show and plot never stays still.

The show is set in a post apocalyptic future (indicated by various scenes throughout the show) and follows a human child called Finn, and his dog Jake throughout their exploits and adventures in the world.

While the show is run on a child-friendly network and doesn’t contain obscenities or graphic violence, Adventure Time has some of the finest multi-levelled, universal humour I have ever come across. Double entendre’s, hidden meanings, phrasing, irony and complete obvious speech are all worked together in fast paced scripts that really work. The dialogue is witty and the situations/conflicts in the episodes are completely tongue-in-cheek.

Although the animation is at times clunky or flat (compared with later seasons which improve considerably), it works well to convey the story. The artists have created an amazing world with fresh environments for almost every episode, and the characters are distinct and vibrant.

The voice acting is phenomenal, which is to be expected when you have the likes of Joe DiMaggio and other equally talented individuals lending their voice to unique characters.

The show has become a hit phenomenon worldwide with a constantly growing fanbase and viewership worldwide of all ages, thoroughly recommended!

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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