A guide to identifying authors

Richard Harland with Steampunk guitar

While walking recently, my partner and I played a word association game linking authors to words or images. This was fun and interesting so I’ve shared our thoughts here and put the word out for others to contribute. If you have suggestions to expand this list, please comment below

Dark Matter’s guide to identifying authors

Maxine Clarke – lady of SOUL. Anyone who’s heard Maxine perform her poetry will agree.

Rhiannon Hart – blood sucking kitty. Because TIVALI.

Cheryse Durrant – the longest bus ride. There is a story behind this. Ask her.

Alan Baxter – Mr Prometheus. Because Alan LURVS Prometheus the movie so very, very much.

Richard Harland – steampunk guitar. Because AWESOME GUITAR. Richard has been in the Limelight too.

Michael Pryor – top hat. It’s what he usually wears when in author-y mode, at signings etc.

Sean Williams – froggy man. If you don’t get it, you need to see Sean’s facebook feed over the past few months.

George R R Martin – SLOW, says Alan Baxter.
Paul and Storm call GRRM the ‘Great Bearded Glacier’.

Laura Ingalls Wilder – ‘Comforting’ says Ricky Buchanan

Jay Kristoff – the gentle giant and yet Jay’s response:



I heart Ruthless Cult, he’s a refreshing antidote.