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Break the Fall by Jennifer Iacopelli

…ASS International Women’s Day panel that, incidentally, includes Jennifer Iacopelli as one of the guest panelists; and many more activities besides. My apologies to my fellow blog hoppers. Your links are now embedded in this post and I’ve re-dated the post to reflect the desired publishing date. – Editor. Relevant Links Hachette Goodreads Australian Bloggers About The Author Jennifer Iacopelli was born in New York and has no plans to leave, ever….

“We are a great group of salty women”: International Women’s Day panel includes Jennifer Iacopelli, Tabitha Bird and Hannah Capin

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…e are explicit: the literary door closes during the actual rapes. Jennifer Iacopelli wrote about an Olympic gymnast who stands by sexual abuse victim in Mean Girls meets Women in Sports novel, Break the Fall. Tabitha Bird wrote about a child rape survivor who time travels to meet herself in Sometimes Charlotte meets Recovery of your inner child in A Lifetime of Impossible Days. Hannah Capin wrote a novel that had me equally horrified and filled wi…

Thank you Jennifer Iacopelli: an “antique” thank you card

Way way waaaay back in February, I read Break the Fall by Jennifer Iacopelli who was then a guest on my International Women’s Day podcast. So I made her this “antique” thank you card. Before we get into the card, I highly recommend you read her book about an Olympic gymnastic team and the #MeToo movement, which was inspired by real-world sports scandals a few years back. About the “Antique” card Once again I regret to say I made this card months…

Ruby Tuesday by Hayley Lawrence

…and not realistic in others. Overall I recommend this book as great Young Adult fiction. Just take the representation of disability with a spoonful of salt. Read this if you enjoyed Break The Fall by Jennifer Iacopelli. Book details Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ISBN: 9781760894894 Imprint: Penguin Format: Paperback, 336 pages Released: 2020 Category: young adult, rape, consent, social issues, disability…

The Other Side Of Perfect by Mariko Turk

…l of possibilities but does not include a magical (scientific) cure. This novel is excellent bibliotherapy for teens who are struggling to come to terms with loss. And for those who so immersed in their grief that they cannot see beyond it. Read The Other Side Of Perfect if you enjoyed Jennifer Iacopelli’s Break The Fall, which is similar but, instead of disability, focuses on the impact of a sexual predator on a teenage Olympics gymnastics team….