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2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson

I’m not surprised that 2312 was nominated for a Hugo Award and all the other acclaim it’s been given.  Really, I’m not.

I loathed this book so much due to what seemed to be a ‘romance’ between two opposites who hated each other on sight but then worked towards building a life together regardless of their irreconcilable differences…

I studied counselling. In fact I’ve got three degrees and sundry other training on my CV, all directly relating to counselling. This relationship made me rage SO MUCH because it’s just Not. What. Happens. in real life. In real life, as one of my colleagues said, ‘Opposites attract and then they try to kill each other.’ So much so that specific training and case studies were given in how to deal with couples who attracted as opposites then started to tear each other apart while asking the question ‘Why can’t you be normal LIKE ME?’

Rant over.

I thought this review of 2312 was appropriate, kinder and fairer to the novel than I wanted to be.  Interestingly, the reader in the last panel falls asleep at about the same place I gave up reading it. I have intended to return to finish reading it, but there are so many books and so little time.


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