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2015-04: April in review

This post lists Dark Matter Zine‘s April posts: items received, news, interviews, guest blogs, reviews… categories of posts are grouped together with individual links to help you find all the things. It’s late because I’ve had the fortnight from hell with the World’s Biggest Assignment for an Undergraduate Degree (50 pages and counting; it’s the Never Ending Assignment).

Items received

Items received for April in review

Items received for April are:

  • Arrabella Candellarbra by A K Wrex
  • Clockwork Dagger by Beth Cato
  • Clockwork Crown by Beth Cato
  • F2M by Hazel Edwards and Ryan Kennedy
  • Hacked by Tracy Alexander
  • Hold the Dark by William Giraldi
  • I’ll be there by Holly Coldberg Sloan
  • Skull Throne by Peter Brett
  • Spring Bride by Anne Gracie
  • Vagrant by Peter Newman
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