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Hello World,

This blog heralds the beginning of a new era, an era of Dark Matter’s own website and blogaliciousness.  Dark Matter intends to boldly go where no self-aware zine-like entity has gone before… well, maybe that’s a bit ambitious, but I hope to provide a unique, interesting site where you feel welcome to visit, browse and respond.

As with all new ventures, this website is still in development, forming and growing.  Over the coming weeks and months you’ll see this website change and grow as we receive feedback and add new features.  There are some new pages already planned, but the minion has worked hard this weekend.  I thought I’d take him to see the Avengers before he discovers unionism.

If you have trouble reading the website please either email me at darkmatterfanzine@gmail.com, contact me on facebook at www.facebook.com/darkmatterfanzine or send a direct message on Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/DarkMatterzine telling me what browser you’re using and what difficulty you’re having.  I can’t guarantee we will be able to fix it, but I can guarantee we’ll do our best.

Dark Matter’s home page will usually focus on science fiction, fantasy and art in various forms, including blogging about developments in the community and providing links: funny, thought-provoking or interesting links.  You may have noticed that I’m passionate about social justice issues; when these issues do not directly intersect with SFF and art, those blogs and URLs will go on that page.  Cute kittehs with no SFF theme will go on the Life page but SF mashups go on the home page.  Information about SFF book launches goes on the home page, but Australian Women Writers’ challenge, when not SFF related, goes on the Life page.  My aim is to be a good hostess who provides a few choice flavours to tempt the palates of different guests.  Coffee and chocolate.

May the fourth be with you. 😉

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Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


  1. The video is great. I have to tell you that making that chngae for me was the best thing I could have done. My site is not a traditional blog and the home page as a static page works best for what I am doing. I can see the increase in my list and it is growing daily. People are staying on the page longer and reading it and they are opting in instead of looking and leaving like they did before. Thank you.


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