Nov 292013

Madeline AshbyMadeline Ashby wrote that intelligent commentary on the SFWA sexist scandal: Stalin, Playboy and Lady Writers. Angry Robot has signed her up for MOAR BOOKS. Media release below, not a sponsored post.

Madeline Ashby Signs Two Book Deal with Angry Robot

Hello folks,

Greetings from a very excited Angry Robot office! We’re delighted to officially announce the acquisition of not one, but two, new titles from Madeline Ashby.

With worldwide rights, we acquired Company Town, a new standalone novel, to be published in late 2014 and Rev, the third in the Machine Dynasty novels, which will appear in 2015. Here are more details:

Company Town

They call it Company Town – a Family-owned city-sized oil rig off the coast of the Canadian Maritimes.

Meet Hwa. One of the few in her community to forego bio-engineered enhancements, she’s the last truly organic person left on the rig. But she’s an expert in the arts of self-defence, and she’s been charged with training the Family’s youngest, who has been receiving death threats – seemingly from another timeline.

Meanwhile, a series of interconnected murders threatens the city’s stability – serial killer? Or something much, much worse…?

Congrats Madeline!

We’re delighted to keep Madeline in our Robot Family, and do send her on your best wishes, too!
Twitter: @MadelineAshby

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